Saturday, March 17, 2007

jalte hein jiske liye

Song : Jalte hain jiske liye
Sung by: Ann

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"Jalte hein jiske liye " is originally from the movie Sujata (1959) .

I heard this song for the first time after blogger saaramgi 's suggestion . This gud-old goldie has come back after so many years in the sweet voice of singer Gayatri in the movie "Kaiyoppu" . I have tried to attempt Gayatri's version . Mine is a slower & a low pitch version than the original .

Thanks to saaramgi who helped me to get to the "feel" of this song and also to Shaniyan who helped me with the lyrics & pronounciation . Yet there are few places where my Mallu accent gets reflected ;0) , kindly excuse . As always , please feel free to comment . Dedicating this to saaramgi who asked for this song & also to Shaniyan who likes this song a lot ..