Tuesday, May 02, 2006

manjinte marayitta

"Manjinte marayitta" is a beautiful song sung by K.S.Chitra fr te movie , Mazha, I hav tried to sing it as I can , probly I cud make it better !! all comments appreciated, good or bad !!!

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Jo said...

It's a simple song when we listen to, but a very dificult one to render just like any other songs from Ravindran master. You have done a great job in singing this song. Keep them coming.

Please record with more volume, now its too low.

Kiranz..!! said...

Hi Ann,

Nice hearing one of my most fav song in a blog world..i never thought this song will come online from a blogger..I love this song very much..U sung it very nice too..Raveendran master-chitra combination's most melodious song,that's wat i feel from this song..a cute poem


ann said...

Thanks Jo n Kiranz..happy to hear that you both liked it ..